“Inspiring confidence in your inner smile. Delivering You through your outer smile”


Living within a body which is functioning at its highest possible level of fitness is something we all desire. However, many are not in this happy position and are experiencing some degree of discomfort, even severe pain, but finding nothing to help them within conventional channels.

Patrick Lee and Dr. Anna are holistic health practitioners with a strong ethical desire to help others achieve a matrix of optimum health.They are both deeply aware that true health can only exist where the composite of body, mind and emotions that makes us human is balanced and in line with the subtle energy that motorises the whole self. Their aim is to work towards bringing this about in order to facilitate a more positive and fulfilling life for the recipient.

They present a basketful of abilities, techniques and qualifications which they mix and match to suit individual client needs, so their approach is quite unique.Over the years it has proved highly successful in bringing about wellness within every aspect of a person’s being.To achieve this goal they work either singly or, where it may be deemed beneficial, in unison.

Patrick and Dr. Anna practise at a London clinic and also in the Cotswolds (vicinity of Gloucester) and surrounding areas.

Dr. Anna and Patrick work individually as well as together to optimise your inner state as well as facilitating an outer balanced posture. Using body optimisation and emotional therapy techniques, Inner and Outer Smile seek to meet the individual wherever they are and take them to the best version of themselves.