Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

What is it?

CST is based in the knowledge that every single part of the body is connected to every other part by an inner network, or ‘web’, of pliable substance called the ‘fascia’ which is a liquid crystalline structure providing flexibility, sensitivity and responsiveness.It exists from head to toe, front to back of the physique, and arguably is in fact the most important and essential part of its functioning.Our bodies are electrical in nature and the fascia is a conductor of positive and negative impulses. Through it, the body’s intelligence communicates information and instruction from one part to another – nerves, bones, muscles and tissue – causing energy to flow and be used efficiently, and without it the inner structures of the body would be compromised.

The practitioner places hands on the cranium and/or sacrum (lower spine) and through highly-trained inner perception, connects with the fascia and thus the body’s energetic system, feeling where imbalance or blockages exist and inviting the necessary adjustments.This is an almost magical technique based in intimate knowledge of the body’s make-up and functionality as a complete, integrated, intelligent system, capable of responding to subtle suggestion.Treatment can bring physiological enhancement at cellular and molecular level, increase energy, and is useful in inducing calmness of mind and emotions.

Patrick and Dr. Anna are both trained and qualified in CST and find it to be a highly effective method of treatment which they both enjoy.

Patrick uses it predominantly for enhancement at physical level, particularly the muscular/skeletal system and its optimum balance, whilst Dr. Anna specialises in emotional health, trauma, and mothers and babies (pre- and post-birth).

Dr. Anna and Patrick work individually as well as together to optimise your inner state as well as facilitating an outer balanced posture. Using body optimisation and emotional therapy techniques, Inner and Outer Smile seek to meet the individual wherever they are and take them to the best version of themselves.