DR. Anna RCST (MB ChB, M.Ed, MBPsS)

Natural Medicine

Dr. Anna has a life-long passion to bring people back in contact with their optimum health of body, mind and emotions and practises along certain empathetic channels accordingly.

She is a medical doctor who has also trained in naturopathic methods, most noticeably Anthroposophical Medicine.

She employs treatments that work as much as possible with the natural forces of the body’s healing energetic.In tandem with this, where necessary and desired she will also use more conventional, symptom-relieving approaches.

Anthroposophical Medicine was developed by the Austrian philosopher Dr. Rudolph Steiner who, together with the medical doctor Ita Wegman, developed an approach to medicine that incorporated an energetic understanding of how the body functions.Using medicines based on plants, minerals and metals, healthy impulses represented by these naturally-occurring substances are introduced to the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

Dr Anna is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist.  

Dr. Anna and Patrick work individually as well as together to optimise your inner state as well as facilitating an outer balanced posture. Using body optimisation and emotional therapy techniques, Inner and Outer Smile seek to meet the individual wherever they are and take them to the best version of themselves.